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About Us provides indepth reviews of design competitions, awards, prizes, contests and challenges from the business perspective. We especially analyze the awards from an economics point of view, checking and scoring the competitions based on value generation capabilities, economic benefits and positive externality creation. We especially check the competitions under six key criteria that are; “Advertisement Value Generation”, “Impressions Potential”,”Consultancy Value”, ”Impact on Percieved Utility”, “Participant Profile”, and “Quality and Transparency Score”. Each award is presented with an overview, pros/cons, and value creation capabilities.



  • Learn Economic Benefits of Design Awards
  • Compare Design Awards, Competitions and Prizes
  • Learn about the best Design Contests and Challenges
  • Scoring and Review Criteria are Academically Developed
  • Learn about the best Design Contests and Challenges


  • Excessive details for each design competition or contest
  • We spent several days to analyze each design award
  • Open review criteria, accessible by public

Major Awards

Red Dot Award Review

The red dot design award is an international product design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. Organized under three main categories: Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concept. Red-Dot is one of t...

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If Design Award Review

The IF - International Forum design awards is a highly recognized design award organized under 4 main categories: if product design award, if communication design award, if material design award and if packaging design award. Till today the award has...

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Good Design Award Review

The Good Design Award is Japanese comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system, operated by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO). The system has its origins in the “Good Design Selection System” (known as the “G-Mar...

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D&AD Awards Review

The annual D&AD Awards are highly respected, and regarded as a major event in the world of design and advertising. Two kinds of awards are given out, a Yellow Pencil and a Black Pencil , in various categories ranging from environmental design to ...

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A' Design Award Review

A' Design Award is a relatively new design prize organized in many categories, what makes A' Design Award unique is it's academic background; it has been developed as a Ph.D. research project in Advanced Design Research Unit in Politec...

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